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How to edit these boxes?


For editing these boxes, go to the Appearance > Widgets menu and insert as many Text widgets as you like into "About Section boxes on homepage" widget area.


Useful shortcodes


To insert a picture or "Read more" button, you can use these shortcodes:
[image src="image URL"]
[more-button link="URL address"]READ MORE[/more-button]


How to remove this area?


If you do not want to display this area, go to the "Theme Options" panel. In "Homepage Settings", you can hide this area. Same way you can rename or hide the other areas, too.



Graphic designer, art lover, avid speller.

Yes, I read the cereal box’s sides too… 

Miki V. is a graphic designer and editor at a tiny office in Paarl, working to educate the South African countryside. In an office filled with paper jams and endless caffeine, she attempts to bring colour, magic and wonder into the tragically boring subjects like grammar…

Miki loves to read books, even dictionaries, write stories and illustrate them, playing jokes on her friends and colleagues and drinking coffee. She enjoys spending time in the mountains of the Boland and when she’s not working or playing video games, she likes to paint ironically themed large-scale paintings and play with her dogs. Miki loves epic music, good jokes and proper literature. Creativity is like breathing; something she can’t do without.

Prepare yourself for things only you can imagine!


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